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Curt Williams, Executive Director  


St. Andrew’s Liaison: Judy Bristol

Location: Houston

Changing Young Men’s Lives

Youth-Reach Houston maintains full-service, residential homes in north Houston for boys from ages 12 to 21 that minister to the mental, physical, and spiritual needs of this generation’s troubled young people. Youth Reach concentrates on developing a strong work ethic, honesty, self-respect, and responsibility and aims to create fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ who are prepared to live a productive life in today’s world.

You can help Youth-Reach by becoming part of their prayer network. This is a team that has committed to pray daily for the residents, staff, health, provision, and ongoing projects. Youth-Reach keeps their prayer partners up to date with a regular email called ENotes. To sign up for ENotes and become a prayer partner, please visit the Youth-Reach website and click on the link called Prayer Partner.

To hear stories of how God has worked in these young men’s lives, talk to Judy or Harry Bristol.

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What can I do? Opportunities to come alongside and help.

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Our relationship with St. Andrew’s.

A story about how we have changed a life.