Providing students of all ages with the opportunity to cultivate their gifts of music and art in an encouraging, loving, and godly environment.


Having the opportunity to take lessons at SOFA not only gave my children the skill of playing an instrument, but also an appreciation of music and an opportunity to use skills which will help them in daily life.  The teachers at SOFA are caring and interested in helping the children progress. Performing at the recitals, adhering to a practice schedule, and understanding the music were among the important skills my children were able to develop during their time at SOFA. We are lucky to have this gem of a school in West University!


I took piano lessons as a child and unfortunately at that time did not appreciate nor understand the value of playing an instrument.  Thanks to SOFA, twenty years later, I was given the opportunity to take lessons again. SOFA provided an encouraging environment where I was given a second opportunity to hone in on musical skills.  Skills I now consider to be invaluable.

Kate Starnes

We had a wonderful experience at the SOFA piano camp! My son was apprehensive at first but the teachers were so kind and good at what they do - he really enjoyed it and grew so much musically.


A gem in the heart of West University! St. Andrews School of Fine Arts is a wonderful and diverse program offering students a platform to develop and train their musical talents and creative minds, while providing a very warm and welcoming atmosphere for families from all walks of life. At first glance, this staple in the neighborhood may look like just another historical landmark inside of West U, but you'll find that the collection of uniquely talented, highly educated, and personable instructors/mentors here are a rare blessing for anyone to be around or feel a part of. What a great setting to learn and worship together!

Joseph Bui

We attended the group Musikgarten class. It was so encouraging to see my boy learning, and he felt very comfortable and confident there. The teacher adapted to all the different children's personalities.

We also listen to the music from the program at home and he dances like no one is watching, I was so surprised that he had those moves in him!

The music is all well known traditional tunes and melodies, played in a classical music style across many different types of instruments (violin, guitar, harp, bagpipes, lute, drums, xylophone, piano etc.). Great exposure to music for little minds.

Highly recommend!


My daughter has absolutely LOVED her time with Ms. Vicki. Voice lessons were her idea from the start because she knew it would help her on stage. But I think now she enjoys coming to see Ms. Vicki just as much as she enjoys going to her theater program! It’s been wonderful. – Linda Egan

It brought me so much joy to see my son skipping around and singing in Ms. Vicki's class!!! I believe you incorporate a good balance between discipline and a child’s spirit. It’s really beautiful! I’m very happy with your approach. –– MO

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