Faith and Science

Science and Faith Responses to COVID-19

Below are some compelling and informative videos of interviews with St. Andrew's members Elaine Ecklund, Stephen Norris, Jemima John and Kelli Drenner.

Below the videos are some fascinating and interesting articles written by St. Andrew's member Elaine Howard Ecklund and others.

To view the video archive of the conversation with Doctors Elaine Ecklund, Jemima John, and Stephen Norris "Gratitude, Prayer, and Faith in the Time of the Covid-19 Pandemic" CLICK HERE

Read a transcript of this interview CLICK HERE


How Religious Leaders Can Help Stop the Spread of Coronavirus by Elaine Howard Ecklund

NIH Director: We’re on an Exponential Curve by Peter Wehner

It’s Hard to Close Black Churches amid COVID-19 by Elaine Howard Ecklund & Deidra Carroll Coleman

Why Do Fewer Christian Women Work in Science? by Elaine Howard Ecklund and Robert A. Thomson, Jr.

Scientists Talk Religion Around the Globe by Elaine Howard Ecklund and David R. Johnson

All around us we hear public discussion about faith and science. Should creation be taught in public schools alongside evolution? Is our faith literally all in our brain? Did the universe begin with a big bang, the hand of God, or both?

Have you ever wondered how–as a thinking Christian– to engage these questions with wisdom and compassion?

During the fall of 2012, St. Andrews entered into a series of conversations through sermons, adult and youth education, as well as guest speakers, that all centered on learning as a community how we can talk about issues related to science and faith with compassion and wisdom in the midst of a fraught world.

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