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Ted & Gracie Quiocho
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St. Andrew’s Liaisons:  Florante and Nora Quiocho

Costa Rica

Meeting the needs of those in Central America

Ted & Gracie Quiocho spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in Costa Rica through One Another Missions, utilizing a relational program of discipleship, education, awareness, which lead to community development.  They minister to rural communities by building strong long term relationships with the people, showing them the love of God through personal testimonies and walking with them in their daily lives giving them the knowledge of Jesus Christ through Bible studies, mentoring, church gatherings, and more.

When you support this ministry of Community Development through education and awareness…

…you are helping change lives.

Change that gives hope, conviction, purpose, redemption, forgiveness, meaning, direction, and joy!

…you are helping nurture faith.

People are facing challenges that affect their faith. Some struggle with personal doubts and difficult life choices.  All need to be loved, challenged, nurtured, and supported in their walk with Christ.

…you are helping equip leaders.

Youth and children will be the leaders of tomorrow. How different tomorrow’s world would be if its teachers, lawyers, doctors, politicians, business execs, and other leaders lived with Christian character and values.

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Prayer and opportunities to come alongside and help.

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One story about how we have changed a life.

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Our relationship with St. Andrew’s.