CrossWalk Center

Kathy Vossburg, Executive Director 713-237-0880

St. Andrew’s Liaison: Larry Gelbaugh

The goal of CrossWalk Center is to serve as the safe, centralized re-entry hub of social services and faith-based ministries for returning citizens and their families.

By connecting regional service providers and faith-based ministries in our re-entry network, under one roof, in an undisbursed, more efficient and cohesive manner, CrossWalk Center is reducing confusion and inefficiencies in the re-entry process.

CrossWalk Center, a non-profit 501 (c) (3), is a Christ-centered, “faith driven” organization and mission-driven community. The board, staff, donors, volunteers and key partners all believe they’ve been called to coalesce, in order to express and bring unity among social service providers, governments, para-church organizations, and churches, through Jesus Christ, in order to better serve reentering citizens.

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