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Ben McLeish, Founder

St. Andrew’s Liaison: Missions Team

New Orleans is built on a vibrant & culturally rich foundation where celebration is a way of life. Sadly, our city is also known for poverty, violence, neglect and corruption. However, Thrive New Orleans lives with a vision of Shalom, where nothing is missing or broken— where men and women are gainfully employed, where small businesses thrive, where neighbors own their homes, where faith is strengthened and where people are empowered & encouraged to join in the community transformation. The bottom line is that we believe that Christ is at work in this world making all things new and we are just joining in on His work.

Founded in 2008, Thrive New Orleans is a 501(c)3, Christian community development organization offering services to help meet the physical and economic needs of individuals and families. We seek to equip people with training and resources to improve their lives and community as well as connect them to a broader network of people who will help champion their efforts so that dignity, families and our community are restored.

Our vision is to see individuals empowered to change their lives, families and community.

Our mission is to serve as a catalyst to help lift people out of material and asset poverty and holistically restore our community.

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Prayer and other needs...What can I do? Opportunities to come alongside and help.

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One story about how we have changed a life.

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Our relationship with St. Andrew’s.