Policy for Private/Group Instruction

Policy for Music Readiness Classes

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Attendance is essential for all scheduled classes to ensure the student's success. In the case of illness or other schedule conflicts, parents should notify the teacher 24 hours in advance. No refunds from missed classes will be given. Instructors are not required to make-up lessons missed by students. If an instructor misses a lesson, it will definitely be made up. Once a lesson time is decided upon at the time of enrollment, it is the responsibility of the student to commit to that time slot. Parents should be ready to pick up their children from the classroom directly after each class. If a student is to be picked up by someone other than his or her parent, a parental release form must be submitted to the SOFA office at the beginning of the semester.

Student and Parent Expectations

Students should arrive on time to all classes and remain until the end of the class period. If there are consistent behavioral problems in the classroom that requires attention, the parent will be notified by the director.

All students enrolled in group and private lessons are encouraged to participate in the fall and spring recitals upon approval of the teacher. Parents should inform the teacher one month prior to the recital date if you do not wish for your child to participate.

Practice Tips

Practice Daily
Students should practice for the length of their lesson time each day. If your lessons are 30 minutes long, you should practice for 30 minutes everyday.

Warm-up First 
Spend at least 5-10 minutes warming up, using the techniques suggested by your teacher. Plan Accordingly Have a game plan before you begin to practice. Follow the assignment that your teacher gave you, and check off each item as you go, repeating them if necessary.

Divide and Conquer 
When you come across something that appears to be too challenging, break it up into sections and practice one section at a time.

Review Frequently 
If you've worked on several new sections, review each section occasionally during your practice. It never hurts to go back to old piece and review them from time to time, you never know when there might be performance opportunities.


Download the SOFA Calendar



8/21 (Mon)   Fall Registration Deadline for Returning Students

8/19-8/20 (Sat -Sun)  Piano Workshop (Elementary & Middle/High School)

8/27 (Sun)   Teacher Blessing Sunday - 10 a.m.

8/28 (Mon)   Fall Registration Deadline



9/4 (Mon)     Labor Day - No Classes

9/5 (Tues)    First Day of Fall Classes – Late Fees Apply

9/25 (Mon)   Fall Holiday (HISD)



11/7 (Tue)  Election Day (HISD No School)

11/20 (Mon)  Spring Automatic Enrollment Begins

11/20 & 11/21   Make-up Lesson Days 

11/21-11/24(T-F) Thanksgiving Holiday



12/4 (Mon)   Spring Enrollment Deadline for Current Students

12/10 (Sun)   Student Recital – 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. 

12/12 (Tues)  Spring Registration Open for New Students

12/15 (Fri)     Last Day of Fall Classes

12/18-12/21  (M-Th) Make-up Lessons 

12/25-1/2     SOFA Office Closed



1/2 (Tues)     Spring Registration Deadline for New Students

1/15 (Mon)   MLK Holiday - No Classes

1/17 (Tues)   Spring Classes Begin – Late Fees Apply



2/19-2/20    (M-T) HISD Teacher Inservice Days

2/14 (Mon)   Ash Wednesday



3/11-15       (M-F) Spring Break - No Classes

3/25 (Mon)  Chavez-Huerta Day

3/25 (Mon)  Summer Camp Registration Begins

3/29 (Fri)   Spring Holiday



4/10 (Wed)   Spring Holiday

4/22 (Mon)   Summer Registration Opens

4/23 (Sun) Spring Student Recital - 3 p.m.

4/28 (Sun)  Family Music Celebration - 4 p.m.



5/3 (Fri)   Last Day of Spring Classes (CP Closed)

5/5 (Sun)  Spring Student Recitals 3pm (all) & 5 pm (voice)

5/9 (Mon)   Summer Registration Deadline for Current Students

5/23 (Mon) Summer Registration Deadline for New Students



6/10 (Mon) Summer Private Lessons Begin

TBD            Summer Family Music Classes begin 

TBD (M-F) Piano Camp (1st to 8th Grade)

TBD (M-F) Creative Arts Camp (Entering PreK to Age 11)

TBD            Strings and Piano Workshop

8/16 (Fri)    Last Day of Summer Classes