Caterpillars, Sunflowers & Bluebonnets 

Class Information

- Toddlers must be 1 year old by September 1st 

- 4/5:1 child/teacher ratio. 

Our Caterpillar, Sunflower & Bluebonnet teachers provide provide a stimulating environment for our toddlers to learn & grow.  Our school has developed curriculum based on developmentally appropriate recommendations from industry experts. The curriculum has been designed expressly for children age 1 to 2 years old. This curriculum utilizes a variety of learning styles that aide in the social, emotional, educational and physical development of your child.

Main Learning Areas: 

  • Social and Emotional Development (healthy attachment, parallel play, empathy, and cooperation)
  • Physical Development (gross motor skills & fine motor skills)
  • Cognitive Development (sustained attention & cause and effect)
  • Language Development (verbal and nonverbal communication)
  • Emerging Literacy
  • Self Regulation (growing independence, routines, begin to follow simple rules)
  • Self Help Skills (drinking from a cup, using food utensils, taking off and putting on clothes, washing hands, toileting)
  • Problem Solving and Patience

Curriculum Goals and Objectives for Ages 12-36 Months




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