2 – 11 months
4:1 child/staff ratio
(Extended day M-F only)
In our infant program, infants are placed in a room with experienced staff who are dedicated to infant care.  Infants participate in music class with our SOFA teachers using a mommy and me style of learning.  Teachers engage with infants using singing, story-telling, books, and pictures. Infants also work on increasing language through eye contact, baby sign language, and gestures and pointing.


12 – 17 months           18 – 23 months
5:1 child/staff ratio        9:1 child/staff ratio
(MWF, T/TH, or M-F)
In the toddler group, children are assigned to classrooms with at least 2 teachers who provide security as they begin learning how to use social skills and deal with emotions.  Continued attention is given to their rapidly growing physical and cognitive abilities, and children are challenged through hands-on activities, music, movement, and center-based choice and activities.


2 years old by September 1
7 or 8:1 child/staff ratio
(MWF, T/TH. M-F)
As children begin to experience their blossoming independence, they are given many opportunities to make choices, implement their own ideas, express their energy, and gain experience in language use.  St. Andrew's Teachers incorporate STEM in the curriculum and process art in order to foster young minds to grow!


3 years old by September 1
8 or 9:1 child/staff ratio
(MWF, T/TH, or M-F)
Children are given the opportunity to practice self-help skills, social problem solving using language, and exercise their natural curiosity while developing fine and gross motor skills.  Three-year-olds will be introduced to the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum and will begin to participate in Wednesday Chapel days using the Godly Play curriculum.

Children in this age group must either be fully toilet trained or actively engaging in toilet training by the beginning of the fall semester.


4 years old by September 1
8 or 9:1 child/staff ratio
(M-F only extended day or day school)
Children are presented with information in a meaningful context and continue to develop social skills using observations, interaction, problem solving, and peer and teacher modeling.  Teachers create content using our in-house curriculum and the Think Orange through weekly thematic units. In addition Pre-K children work through the Handwriting Without Tears Kindergarten readiness curriculum in order to foster emergent reader skills.

Children in this age group must be fully toilet trained before entering into a Pre-K 4 classroom during any point in the year.

* The Children's Place adheres to the September 1 cutoff date for age level assignment in accordance with the area school requirements for entering Kindergarten.  The school will consider requests to place a child in the age level below a child's birth year when a child requires additional time to develop in a specific developmental domain. i.e. social, speech, motor skills, etc.  However, the school will not accommodate requests to place a child in the age level above a child's birth year.



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