Creative Arts Camp - Down by the Bay


All children participate in music class one to two times per week offered by teachers from the St. Andrew's School of Fine Arts (SOFA).  Music teachers focus on rhythm and motor skills as well as vocal skills, language development and creativity at age appropriate levels.  Our music program is offered to children of all ages in our school.


Extended Day Students ages 3-4 participate in Spanish one day per week in the afternoon.

Time in God's House

On Wednesday mornings the children experience God's love through stories from the Bible and real life experiences led by Kelly Lewis , Executive Director of Educational Outreach and Church Life.  Using the Godly Play Curriculum, Ms. Kelly brings stories from the bible to life for children to enjoy as they sing and play along in our beautiful sanctuary.  Parents are always welcome to join us!



5308 Buffalo Speedway

Houston, TX 77005