Steven & Kristin Jones

St. Andrew’s Liaison: Missions Team

Kristin also Steven and Kristin Jones work among Muslims in New York City. After 11 years on the Indian subcontinent, the Jones family has relocated to New York City to continue working with South Asian Muslims. “Our people group is one of the fastest growing ethnic groups in the city and there are many challenges as they adjust to life here”.  They live mainly in several concentrated neighborhoods and the Jones are living in one of these areas and continuing to reach out and share Jesus in ways such as storytelling and starting Bible study discovery groups in homes with families.

Kristin also has other opportunities she is pursuing, among them a social media project funding (which is with her partners of Global Gates - ). She is also on the board for Hillside Education Center.

Prayer and other needs...

Our ties with St Andrew's go way back.

A story about how we have changed a life.

And this is a video story (Kristen narrates) about one of the social media contacts we have seen come to Christ through our New York ministry. He lives in Bangladesh.